Windows 11 Adoption May Have Stalled Download

Although Windows 11 has been available for six months, adoption appears to have stalled last month, according to data from an app advertising platform.

AdDuplex has been collecting anonymized user data from 5,000 Windows Store apps to track Windows 11 usage. According to March data, there has been a significant slowdown in adoption. Only 19.4 percent of those polled had Windows 11, a 0.1 percent increase from the previous month.

Windows 11 Adoption May Have Stalled Download

According to the March report, 0.6 percent of surveyed users are using Windows 11 Insider beta builds, up 0.3 percent from February.

This is a significant decrease from January, when AdDuplex reported that Windows 11 adoption had doubled to 16.1 percent based on a survey of approximately 60,000 PCs.

PassMark, a PC benchmarking company, also tracks OS adoption and discovered that Windows 11 usage increased by only 1.6 percent last month. PassMark, on the other hand, estimates Windows 11’s market share to be 31.5 percent.

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Nonetheless, I own a new Windows 10 desktop PC and have yet to receive the free upgrade offer. As a result, there could be a large number of users in Microsoft’s queue.

For the time being, Microsoft will only say that it is still delivering the OS in a “phased and measured approach with a focus on quality.” Other OS surveys, such as those conducted by Valve’s Steam and Statcounter, place Windows 11’s market share at 16% and 12%, respectively. Windows 10, on the other hand, maintains its dominance with a market share of more than 70%.

Windows 11 Adoption May Have Stalled

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