Nokia Mobile Security & OS update tracker with latest details

On March 23, 2022, the official Nokia Mobile Security + OS update tracker page for Nokia smartphones was updated. The page update includes information about the availability of the maintenance update, also known as a security or firmware (MR) update, for Nokia smartphones.

The March Security update 2022 is now available for Nokia 1.4, Nokia 2.2, Nokia 2.4, Nokia 3.4, Nokia 5.4, Nokia 8.3 5G, and Nokia 9 PureView, according to the most recent information on the page. Newer smartphones and tablets, such as the Nokia X20, Nokia X10, Nokia T20, Nokia G50, Nokia G21, Nokia G11, Nokia G10, and Nokia G20, are shown to have the February security update.

Despite the fact that we recently reported on Nokia G10 and Nokia G20 receiving March Security updates from our readers. You can read our in-depth coverage of all Nokia smartphone software update news by clicking here. Click here to keep track of March security updates for Nokia smartphones as they become available.

Nokia Mobile Security & OS update tracker with latest details

However, many Nokia smartphones are still running on older security patches, including the January 2022/December/November/October Security updates for 2021. To access the official update tracker page, click on the link provided below. Other smartphones are running older patch levels, with many of them running the February/March 2021 patch level.

As you may be aware, the Nokia Smartphone Security Maintenance Release Summary page lists the Build number as well as details such as whether it is just a security patch or a firmware update + security patch for a specific device. However, Nokia Mobile has improved the information provided for each Nokia smartphone on the page. It now includes columns for “Security Patch Cadence” and “No Guaranteed Security Patch Updates After.”

The cadence indicates whether the smartphone receives security updates monthly or quarterly. There is no mention of the time when a smartphone’s 3-year promised security update period expires in the guaranteed security patch update column.

If the security update for your Nokia smartphone is not yet available, you should check the build number of your smartphone and confirm it with the information provided on the page. Only if the build number for a specific device is mentioned in the list will it receive the update.

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